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August 19, 2018

4th Annual

Concert & Pot Luck

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Calling all Blonde-Heads! Our favorite band on the planet returns to the Pink House for another fantastic summer afternoon of their special brand of music and fun.

“Highly addictive & absolutely contagious” is how their loyal & captivated audiences describe them! Any way you put it, Dakota Blonde, made up of  Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell have certainly played and sung their way into countless hearts & souls around the globe! They met through their careers in Music Therapy, working with children and adolescents who are emotionally troubled. Therapy… yes… they have a special knack for including  audiences in their music and finding the heart strings that music plays in all of us.

Joining the band again will be Ernie Martinez,  gifted on just about every instrument that has strings (and then some). Ernie has played on over 150 albums as a studio musician in Colorado and Nashville and has several of his own CDs as well. He is an absolute favorite on the Denver music scene.

Take A Look At Dakota Blonde In Action !

Dakota Blonde’s combination of original tunes and carefully selected, beautifully arranged covers, along with their endearing stage presence and humor appeals to a wide audience. Their musical sound is hard to classify, but best put, they are acoustic folk, part bluegrass, part acoustic rock, part singer/songwriter, and sometimes even Celtic!  They are a unique blend of heart, authenticity and contagious spirit!  Their acoustic sound is like no other, with such tightly blended harmonies that you would swear they were born to sing together. You just have to experience a Dakota Blonde show to know what you've been missing! If you’re not already a Blonde-Head, please join us for this great show and you will surely become one!

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